“They have gone to the trouble to develop a wonderful base map

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fake bags The digitized maps, which will record the county’s flood plains in detail, are a critical part of the National Flood Insurance Program, which insures flood prone communities across the country.As the Midwest seeks to dry out from the heavy rains and disastrous flooding of recent weeks, flood plain managers are focused on the future talking of prevention and looking closely at low lying areas that could invite similar problems.In Harford County, the flood plain maps are just another layer to be added to a sophisticated computer system that can draw on a video screen a picture of the county locating roads, buildings, vegetation, storm drains, property lines and even swimming pools in a matter of minutes.With the additional funding, local planners and engineers can now integrate into their mapping system the latest surveys of low lying, flood prone land.When viewed in conjunction with other information, the flood plain drawings will be among the most accurate that national flood insurance managers have, says Patricia Bernhardt, a Harford County environmental planner.In fact, it was the quality of Harford’s Geographic Information System that convinced the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to enter into an agreement with the county, which took effect in June.Rather than hire a private contractor to map Harford, as FEMA is doing with most other jurisdictions in its insurance program, it chose to use the county’s expertise in a broad plan to update federal flood plain maps throughout the country.”They have gone to the trouble to develop a wonderful base map,” said Cynthia Pollnow, a program analyst with the National Flood Insurance Program, noting that the county’s computerized maps include almost everything needed to gauge land use from roads to streams to town boundaries.”It took a lot of time to create a good, accurate base map, and they showed they could provide what was needed for smart flood plain management,” she said.Ms. Bernhardt said Harford’s baseline map was created from aerial photos of every part of the county shot in 1990 from 6,000 feet.4 “They are accurate to within 2 1/2 feet,” she said.Digitizing the flood plain maps means employing a standardized computer format that can be used throughout the country. It also means that the maps, now on paper, can be stored on computer disks and used and distributed more efficiently.The federal maps will be used by the National Flood Insurance Program to determine the vulnerability of specific properties to flooding and to assess which of them needs insurance coverage and how much.There are 800 buildings in the flood plains of unincorporated Harford County, says Ms fake bags.

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