Mancias, in fact, got his start as a summer intern for Grover,

Clark is animated as he recounts the rise and fall, and subsequent rise, of electrical stimulation of the brain. While the use of electricity on people became frowned upon, neuroscientists still studied the effects on animals lot of my professors in grad school had played with the effects of electricity in living tissue, Clark says.

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“It’s time to out get of our seats and into the streets,” said Mike Bolton, USW District 2 Director. “Don’t let someone else pick up the slack. “(The Cavs management) know that we are tight, we close, and they know that he in good hands.”wants individual attention so long ago, the concept of a player hiring a workout guru was reserved for superstars like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, both who worked with Tim Grover as their personal trainers.Mancias, in fact, got his start as a summer intern for Grover, who was hired by Jordan to get the then 38 year old in shape for his comeback from retirement with the Washington Wizards.At that point in Jordan career, the familiarity and trust he had established with Grover during his six title run with the Chicago Bulls which encompassed a brief switch to professional baseball and the death of his father led him to seek assistance outside of the Wizards organization.”He was there through the ups and downs,” Mancias says of Grover, who was not available for an interview for this article.”A lot of times players feel like, I an individual, I not your property, I can do what I want, so they feel comfortable with someone, that fine,” he explains. “That someone just has to be great at communicating, that the bottom line.”I think all teams, to be honest with you, would prefer that players stick to their own strength coaches or athletic trainers, but we in a day and age where every player on the bench can hire a personal trainer for the summer basically to be on call 24/7.”It a lot easier, and there is a comfort level as well when you have your own guy,” he adds.

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