The edges of the canada goose outlet store uk nail look a

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It not a great picture I uk canada goose outlet afraid. Middle finger on the right hand only. The skin Canada Goose Online around the nail breaks constantly and has Canada Goose Coats On Sale done for probalby 15 years or so. I 32 now, no medical history such as diabetes, 5 tall and 12stone. No medication at the moment. I am a canada goose black friday sale white male from Europe.

The skin goes through phases. It is smooth and soft and feels like normal canada goose outlet nyc skin, then a few days later it starts to go hard, then seems to break from the inside Canada Goose Jackets out, as if a canada goose blister would. There no canada goose outlet jackets puss or infection. After breaking and going raw/bleeding, it then canada goose outlet new york city canada goose black friday sale starts to heal Canada Goose online after a few days until it goes smooth again, then breaks and so on.

On top canadian goose jacket of canada goose outlet shop this, the canada goose store nail gets white and thick at the end. It grows thicker than other nails. When the nail is grown a little, the skin seems to get worse. When I cut the canada goose jacket outlet nail, there a hard layer of dead Canada Goose Parka skin which is stuck/fused into the underside of the canada goose outlet black friday nail clip. There no skin around the “cuticle” area of the finger also. The edges of the canada goose outlet store uk nail look a little Canada Goose sale yellow/brown at times but nothing to excessive. There no strange smell.

I been to 3 doctors, who all say different things. One didnt know what it was, the second one was useless and the third canada goose outlet canada one said it is eczema. He was adament it not a fungal nail infection (despite the images on google matching my condition the closest) and was a skin buy canada goose jacket cheap problem. I either tried or been prescribed the following;

lanacane (weirdly this helps the healing the best but nothing more)over the buy canada goose jacket counter fungal lacquer (2 different brands)

fusidic acid (most recent doctor laughed at this and couldnt believe it had been prescribed to me for this condition)

None of the above have worked. The best results i had are things like and lanacane helping the healing process when the skin is raw/broken/bleeding but nothing to actually get the skin back to official canada goose outlet canada goose coats normal. It broken and cracked so much over the years that I now dont have a fingerprint on the tip, it smooth.

I changed my soap, tried just using water and there nothing i specifically handle or use in a job with canada goose outlet in usa that finger that is causing an canada goose outlet online irritation.

I had this problem for nearly 2 decades now, does anyone have any idea what I can do? I dont have the option of attending to a specialist dermatologist and am uk canada goose just stuck with general practicioner doctors at this time.

I been hoping for years the body would canada goose coats on sale fix it, i lost canada goose outlet faith in doctors and over the counter stuff too. The most recent doctor as adament it canada goose clearance sale was eczema but I honeslty think its more of a fungal infection, yet canada goose outlet online uk it hasnt canada goose clearance spread anywhere else.

I don smoke or drink alcohol. My diet isn great canada goose outlet uk but it isnt terrible, and my exercise is average. There no change in the condition regardless of how i goose outlet canada eat or canada goose outlet store exercise.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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I’ve posted this before but When I was 18 I was in a car accident. I was living on my own, canada goose outlet toronto factory driving home after canada goose uk black friday a busy day.

I was driving home around 11pm on a Friday night on the road which is canada goose canada goose uk shop outlet canada goose factory sale reviews 55mph. I maybe going 60mph. As I was going around a bend, a car ran the stop sign on the left and I T boned him.

My car flips over and I land on my hood.

I had damaged his car pretty bad.

I don think cheap canada goose uk he was killed instantly, but Canada Goose Outlet he didn live to see the ambulance.

I was sleep deprived but I hadn fallen asleep at the wheel and I wasn drinking.

I went to the canada goose outlet hospital with nothing but cheap Canada Goose a fat lip.

The family of the other driver tried to sue me for speeding and reckless driving. Luckily my insurance told them to buzz off (the threat of being sued at 18 is frightening.)

After the fact I learned that he hadn been wearing his seatbelt during the crash and his car should not have passed inspection. I didn learn that he canada goose outlet uk sale had died until the next day.

I have a little more anxiety driving now, but I’m not canada goose uk outlet really affected by it anymore. I don’t blame myself for anything. It was a tough thing to go canada goose factory outlet through but I actually learned canada goose outlet parka a lot about myself canada goose outlet sale from the experience.

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